An International Textile Machinery Expo

With huge manufacturing base for synthetics, Surat Industrialist were deprived of a technological platform which would showcase the latest from all over the world under one roof. This need was fulfilled when we launched a full-fledged Textile Machinery Show. The first edition was a roaring success and prompted us to go for more elaborated show. Accordingly Texma will be embraced by the entire textile sector and would see an all round participation from textile machinery like Looms, Texturizing, Knitting, Dyeing, Processing, Printing, Needle Loom and Spare Parts.

Dates: 29th to 31th May 2020
Days: Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Timings: 10:00am – 6:30pm
Venue: Surat International Exhibition and Convention Center

  • Embroidery
  • Apparel Technology
  • Fibre
  • Yarn
  • Fabrics
  • Accessories
  • Sewing
  • Embroidery
  • Digital Printing
  • Cutting
  • Spreading
  • Quilting
  • Finishing
  • Testing Equipment
  • Software’s
  • Yarns
  • Accessories and Trims
  • Rapier Loom
  • Water Jet
  • Dyeing Machines
  • Texturising Machines
  • Dyes and Chemicals and Accessories
  • Sewing / Knitting / Embroidery Machines
  • Laundry Equipments
  • Digital Textile Printing
  • Spreading & Cutting
  • Mattress Pillow Making
  • Quilting
  • Packaging
  • Leather Garment Machinery
  • Fusing
  • Dyeing
  • Finishing & Testing
  • Dyes & Chemicals
  • Spares & Attachments
  • Accessories & Trims
  • Fancy Yarns
  • Fabrics
  • IT Enabled Services
  • Software Solutions
  • Logistics
  • Trade Publications
  • Other Support Services
  • Garment Exporters
  • Domestic Manufactures
  • Ordinance Factories
  • Job Workers
  • Traders
  • Merchandisers
  • Textile Designers
  • Fashion Institutes
  • Institutional & Govt. Bodies
  • Garment Making / Knitting / Printing Machinery
  • Embroidery / Laundry & Finishing Equipment
  • Spares & Consumables
  • Materials & Accessories
  • Software / Maintenance / Logistics etc.
  • Quilting / Made-ups / Leather Garment Machinery etc.
  • 16,000+ Trade Visitors
  • 70,000+ sq. mtr. area
  • 850+ Products / 380+ Exhibitors

The organisers reserve all rights in connection with Garknit-X Kolkata 2010.

Terms of References:
In these Rules & Regulations, the term ‘Exhibitor’ shall include all employees, staff and agents of any company, partnership firm or individuals to whom space has been allocated for the purpose of participating. The term ‘Organisers’ shall mean the management committee, Xhibition & Konferences India. The term ‘Trade show’ shall mean the trade show known as Garknit-X Kolkata 2015.

Damage to the trade show area:
Exhibitors are required to indemnify the organisers against any claim made against them in respect of damage to trade show halls and venue caused by their stand exhibits, staff or by agents acting on their behalf.

a) Security & Insurance of the exhibits and the property of the stand shall be the responsibility of the individual Exhibitor.
b) The organisers shall not be responsible in any way for personal injury to the Exhibitors or their staff, agents, invitees or licensees, however caused.
c) Any damages to the product, machine or belonging of the exhibitor, however caused ) will not be the responsibility of the Organisers and hence any kind of compensation cannot be claimed from the Organiser.

Consequential Loss:
Incase of the trade show being cancelled or suspended or deferred in whole or in Part, for causes not in the Organisers’ control, the organisers do not accept any consequential liability any eventuality.

Business Volume:
The Organisers don’t guarantee any volume of business to any exhibitor; not are in any way responsible for lack of visitors’ interest in any exhibitor’s stand.

Stand Alteration:
a) No alteration in the size of an Exhibitor’s stand is permitted without the prior written approval of the organisers.
b) The Organiser reserve the right to modify the layouts of stand sites and gang ways, and allot alternate stand.
c) In case the actual size of a stand is less than the booked space the Organisers would be liable to refund the cost of the discrepancy in space in rounded meters but would not be liable for any consequences, thereof.
d) In the event of an Exhibitors display causing inconvenience to other Exhibitors, the organisers reserve the right to ask for the required alterations. e) Conversion of an allocated shell scheme site to free design is not permitted.
f) While reasonable fixings may be to the flush plywood walls of the shell scheme without damaging them in any way, no alterations in the facia structure or the format are permitted. Any attempt to do this will involve the restoration of the original structure at the expenses of the Exhibitor or his/her agent.
g) neither are the stand displays allowed to overhang the allotted area, nor are any obstructions permitted near gangways, fire points, extinguishers and emergency exits.
h) Designers are particularly requested to avoid designs which may block or box in on other Exhibitors’ stands.

Stand Interiors:
While the Exhibitors are free to decorate for projecting the right image of their products and company, they should take care not to cause any damage to the walls, panels and floors, should avoid use of nails, painting or any other such activity.

Equipment interference:
No equipment which emits excessive or causes electrical interference or any other annoyance can be operated in this matter, the decision of the Organisers shall be final.

Audio Visual Presentation:
It is that Audio Visual Presentations are an important part of Garknit-X 2015. However, the organisers except Exhibitors to exercise discretion and show courtesy to follow Exhibitors.

Stand Confirmation:
A Stand would be deemed confirmed, upon the Exhibitor submitting the registration form duly signed and realisation of payment there against.

Stand Allocation:
The organisers reserve absolute right of final stand allocation, and may offer alternate stand of equivalent size to confirmed exhibitors.

Default on Payment:
The organisers reserve absolute right to cancel any reservation of space in the event of an Exhibitor not having paid the dues of stand charges within specified period. Payment already received will be forfeited in such cases.

Change of Stand:
A stand once booked by the Exhibitor cannot be changed.

No reduction /cancellation would be permitted after confirmation.

Space not Occupied:
a) Every Exhibitor shall occupy the full area booked by him.
b) should an Exhibitor fail to take up the stand allocated to him the organisers reserve the right to use the stand so unoccupied, as they think fit and the Exhibitor shall not have any claims in this regard.

No sub-letting:
The Exhibitors may not assign, sublet or grant licences in respect of the whole or part of the stand. Cards, advertisements or printed matter of firms or persons who are not bonafied Exhibitors may not be exhibited or distributed from any stand except that an Exhibitor may distribute cards, advertisements or printed matter of companies or firms which are subsidiaries of the Exhibitors or the Exhibitors ultimate holding Company.

Promotion by Exhibition:
In all communication inviting patrons to visit their stand, Exhibitors must specify clearly that registration is a must for entry to Garknit-X 2010. If this is not in case, the organisers reserve the right to allow then entry at the cost of the Exhibitors.

No hoardings, banners etc. will be allowed at the venue or on the roads in the vicinity unless the design, specification, location and installation have been approved by the organisers in writing. In case it is not, such unauthorised display is liable to be removed by the Organisers with out notice at the exhibitor’s cost besides attracting penalty upto Rs.2,000/- per banner, poster, hoarding etc.

Although a 24 hour security will be in operation throughout the trade show, Exhibitors should take all possible precautions to minimise loss or damage to their equipment, merchandise, display, etc.

Exhibit Removals:
a) Exhibits must be removed from the stand before 10 pm of 2nd March 2016.
b) should an Exhibitor fail to vacate his stand, space or premises by the time specified above he/she shall be liable to pay any charge or cost incurred by the Organisers as a result thereof.

Exit permit:
No material/exhibit shall be allowed to be taken out of the hall without valid exit permit obtained from the Officer authorised by the Organisers.

Shell Scheme stand sizes:
The size of Shell Scheme stands is calculated to the nearest sq.mtrs.,(rounded up or down) and cost is based on this size.

Only one facia board per stand will be provided.

Failure of Service:
The organisers will endeavour to ensure that the services of the suppliers are provided. However, neither they nor the suppliers shall be liable to the Exhibitors for any loss or damage, should any such service wholly or partially fail or cease to be available. Also the Exhibitors shall not entitled to any concession in respect of the stand charges due or paid under the contract.

Right to enter the Trade show:
The organisers, Venue Officials and those authorised by them have the right to enter the trade show premises at any time to execute work, repairs and alternations and for other purposes.

General Lien:
All Exhibits are subject to general lien in favour of the Organisers for all sums, whether for unpaid stand charges or otherwise due from an Exhibitor to the Organisers.

Right of entry to visitor:
The organisers reserve the right of admission to visitors and may prescribe registration procedure and recover registration charges/ secretarial costs from the visitors. organisers decision in this matter would be final.

Verbal Agreement:
Any verbal agreement concerning any aspect of the contract or the exhibition is not valid unless confirmed in writing.

Any dispute between the organisers and Exhibitors is subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Bangalore only.

Facilities & Privileges Offers to Exhibitors :

Facilities & Amenities
Internet Centre
Foreign Exchange
C & F Service
Business Centre
Travel Desk
Stationery Shop